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"We love everything about our new Autocar ACX!
Our 6 axle Autocar makes turns in intersections we can't make with our other 3 and 4 axle trucks.
We took delivery on a Thursday, started pumping the next day! We can't wait to receive our next Autocar equipped concrete pump.

Chris Unruh, Unruh Concrete Pumping

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info@autocartruck.com, or call a work truck expert at 765-312-2419
Concrete Pumpers should demand factory direct personal attention from your pump TRUCK supplier as well, for the life of your pump. Autocar has a dedicated concrete pump team personally engaged and working closely and directly with concrete pumpers before, during, and after their pump and truck purchase. What other truck OEM is personally engaged directly with concrete pumpers like that?

There's no need to compromise on your truck when Autocar works with your team to build a custom concrete pump truck just for you. 4x2, 6x4, 8x4, 10x4, 12x6 axles, various pump sizes, types, and brands? Autocar will custom-engineer and build your truck to integrate the pump you specify, optimize weight distribution, and design in severe-duty toughness from day one. Our single, tandem or tridem front steer axles provide the best maneuverability in the industry. And most importantly, with our renown Autocar Solutions® service command center on call 24/7, you'll see Autocar's unique factory direct attention after the sale first hand, leading to deliver superior vehicle uptime of our Always Up® promise.